Redling Fine Art

Pippa Garner

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Born in Evanston, Illinois
Lives and works in Long Beach, CA

1970 Industrial and Product Design, Art Center, CA
Cleveland Institute of Art, OH

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Tinker Tantrum, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles
2015 SPING/BREAK Art Show, organized by Sam Parker, New York
Vroom, Vroom!, Outlet, New York

Group Exhibitions
1979 Constructions and Drawings, Anhalt- Barnes Gallery, Los Angeles
1980 Tableau, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Curator
1983 New York, Molly Barnes Gallery, Los Angeles
1984 Carplays, MOCA, Los Angeles
Artist’s Olympics: Miniature Golf, Video Gallery, San Francisco
One Man Show (Boiler house Project), Victoria and Albert Museum, London
1985 The Automobile and Culture, MOCA, Los Angeles
1985 Art and Travel, San Francisco Airport Exhibitions, San Francisco
1986 Sensationalism, Functional Art, Los Angeles

1979 Art Riots, 80 Langton Street, San Francisco
Autoparts, La Mamelle, Inc. San Francisco, broadcast on KTSF-TV
Air Hockey, Vanguard Gallery, Los Angeles
1980 Air Hockey and Animal Kingdom, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art
Chevrolet Training Film: The Remake, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. With Chip Lord and Ant Farm
Also performed in Los Angeles and San Francisco (1978) and Houston (1982)
1983 Club Lhasa, Los Angeles
1985 Product X, New Langton Arts, Sand Francisco

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